Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stitching During the Olympics

I usually have some DVD playing while I am stitching.  It provides some background noise for me and I generally choose something that doesn't require my full attention.  Since Friday night (EDT), I have had the Olympics on while stitching.  I am not a big sports follower, so I haven't really had to give my entire attention to the television.  Of course, Friday night I didn't really stitch much since the Opening Ceremonies were just so fabulous that I didn't want to miss anything.  IMHO, the British Olympic Committee did a fantastic job and the ceremonies were worth the wait. 

While watching on Saturday and Sunday, I managed to finish two pieces. 

Knotted Heart

This first piece is one I did for a quilt to be sewn for the World of Charity Stitching Yahoo group.  Stitchers are able to use their own colors - I chose DMC tangerines (740 and 742) for this combination.  The pattern is a free cross stitch chart from Loretta Oliver at Stitching The Night Away.  The stitch count is 45 x 45, and I used 28-count white evenweave.  I am not much of a sewer so I send coordinating fabric to the wonderful women who make up the quilts.

Knotted Heart
Designed by Loretta Oliver
Stitching The Night Away

Stella Polaris

My second finish was Stella Polaris which I did in the Mulberry colorway for the DD who is a huge purple fan.  This is a cyberclass through Shining Needle Society.  The designers are Carole Lake and Michael Boren of StitchPlay Designs.  The Mulberry colorway uses Watercolors and Waterlillies in Mulberry, along with Soie Crystal, Grandeur, Elegance, Vineyard Silks, Kreinik Metallics and Bijou in complementary pinks and purples.  I have the canvas and threads to stitch this in the Savannah colorway as well.

Stella Polaris - Mulberry
Designed by Carole Lake and Michael Boren
StitchPlay Designs
I just love their geometric designs and have already signed up for the latest Vineyard Quilt Patch.

I am now stitching on Achoo! for my sister, the veterinarian.  I will post pictures once it starts looking like something!

Until next time, happy stitching.


  1. wonderful stitching, great job on both projects... I can't wait to see the achoo item

  2. Wow, that is gorgeous! You are an awesomely talented stitcher!

  3. Beautiful stitching on both pieces

  4. I see your needles where smoking during the games, congrats on the finishes

  5. Lovely stitching on both finishes.

  6. do some amazing work! I don't think I've seen some of the type of stitches you used - specialty stitches?

  7. Linda

    THe pieces look great. I was out your way this past week-end. OUr youngest niece got married in Cinnaminson. We didn't have much spare time, we kept it a short trip.


  8. Thanks so very, very much for your positive feedback on my blog post about the giant canopy I've created here in an art residency in Illinois!  It was a labor of love and an honor to pay respects to all the anonymous stitchers who lovingly made the raw materials!  I'd love to hear your take on "What a canopy bed means to you".  Thanks again!


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