Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Busy May

Another month is speeding along its way.  I cannot believe we are already approaching Memorial Day and the "unofficial" start of summer. 

This is a very busy time of  year for us; the DD takes dance lessons and her big show is in early June - this year on June 2 (also the DH's and my 33rd anniversary).  The DD dances four nights a week since she takes classes in tap, jazz, ballet and modern.  The last few weeks we have had to contend with extra dance classes in preparation for the show and next week we'll spend each night at dress rehearsals.  Of course, it is all worth it - the show is always spectacular.  It is quite the production with over 20 different dance numbers.  After10 years of dance classes/shows, she has her first wing change since two of her dances are back-to-back.  Even the wing change is rehearsed several times! 

Daphne Reborn is Finished

This past weekend I finished Daphne Reborn, the cyberclass from Shining Needle Society.  I just love geometric pieces and this one was a thrill to stitch.  Michael Boren and Carole Lake of StitchPlay Designs are fabulous teachers.  I stitched this is in the Flagstone colorway. 

Daphne Reborn
Completed 05/20/12
I have already signed up for StitchPlay Design's next offering through Shining Needle Society - Stellar Polaris.

Moorish Splendor Progress

I must admit that I am behind in stitching Moorish Splendor.  I was so focused on finishing Daphne Reborn that I neglected this piece.  I am still working through Lesson Two although Lesson Three has been issued.  I hope to catch up this weekend since I have three days to stitch. 

Unfortunately all the pictures I took of my progress so far are pretty bad.  I hope to have something better to show after the weekend.

What's Up Next

Aside from finishing up all those projects already started, and starting on Stellar Polaris in mid-June, I am going to start a cross-stitch piece for my sister, who will be 55 this year.  She is a veterinarian and keeps Dalmatians, so I have chosen Achoo! to stich for her. 

Achoo! - Dimensions::Brett_Longley Pattern
Design by Brett Longley

Until next time, happy stitching.  And please remember our troops this Memorial Day.

Photo from The Apron Blog by Home Depot


  1. Love Daphne Reborn and can't wait to the see next one either.

  2. Fabulous stitches! I can't wait to see Achoo! That is so adorable.

  3. the geometric is really beautiful achoo looks adorable can wait to see progress from it. and thanks about support your troops, I'm a veteran

  4. I like your finish...congrats! Achoo is adorable and my youngest daughter has mentioned from time to time wanting to dance. Good luck to your daughter in her competition.

  5. I love your finish! It is beautiful, lovely colors. Congrats on your anniversary!!

  6. Beautiful finish I love the colours.

  7. Hello

    This is my first visit to your blog.

    Your finish is beautiful, the colours are lovely.
    Achoo is very sweet.
    Good luck to your daughter and happy anniversary to you.

  8. Lovely finish!
    That's a cute piece you'll stitch for your sister

  9. Beautiful stitching, Linda. Achoo is an adorable project. I'm sure your sister will love it. Happy (early) Anniversary to you and DH!


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